Hardscaping Services

Hardscaping refers to heavy materials involved in constructing a garden: bricks, stone, concrete, patio slabs, fencing etc, Hardscape also includes the spaces and proportions, it is the structure of a great garden. We approach each project by looking at the overall design, evaluating groundwork required  (drains, cables for lighting etc), what machinery is required to dig out and shape spaces that may then be used with stone, brickpaving, block work, patios, plastering. fencing, outdoor buildings, and water features.


Landscaping Services

Landscaping (sometimes called softscaping) are the materials that give life to your garden: good soil, the correct plants for each area, lawns, turf lawns for an instant lawn, trees, water features etc. We work with local garden centers to get the best plants to suit your garden. We creatively combine our hardscaping and landscaping to deliver your dream escape.


Stonework Services

We have years of experience of working with all types of stone and are comfortable with all types of stone building methods, mortar joint, dry stone, semi-dry stone, limestone cutting, and shaping. Our stonework projects have included stone the cladding of houses, walls, pillars, fireplaces, arches, wall caps, restoration of old stone buildings including castles and sculptures all to the highest specification.

Renovations Services

Restoration of old buildings is one of our specialties, bringing an old building back to life using traditional methods or modern techniques. We can organise and oversee all parts of the renovation, add extensions if needed and can recommend architects and engineers.